Unpacking My New Canon G7x Mark ii


Today was the day my new camera arrived and i’m so excited to share it with you all.  This camera has been on my vision board for a little while i say a while the past 6 weeks . I’ve been interested in this camera longer than its been on my vision board.  So when i had the opportunity to get one this week i grabbed it with both hands and i can now take down the  picture i have on my vision board of the G7x because it has now manifested into my reality and i have it in my hands.

I’ll be using it this weekend to capture moments as its something i like to do and ill get back to you all when i have a good play at it.  i have taken some pictures which are down below of when i unpacked it earlier today

Ready to be opened


At present i have only taking it out the box checked if it works and see the picture quality for myself rather than from videos seen  on YouTube..

But it is amazing its light weight and portable  but i’ll update again once i have taken it out for a test drive 😉


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