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SNOW DAY 1st March 2018


Hey guys.  So, on Wednesday February 28th Snow hit us for the first time in my neck of the woods in 9 years and I mean proper snow fall.  I was so excited screaming running around the house calling friends and family telling them its snowing its snowing like the big kid I am I couldn’t get enough it looked like a snow globe from my front room window all so magical and pretty it was like something you see out the movies.

Or so I thought the schools were cancelled on Wednesday afternoon and I had to go pick up my kids from school me who doesn’t listen to the weather much as its normally wrong when it comes to snow prediction down here we had a good amount of snow that day which covered everything outside. But then the sun came out and most parts started melting.

On Thursday 1st March we were hit with a snow storm that hit the country and halted everything I hear the storm was called storm Emma and 50cm of snow fell in one day it was the first snow storm to hit in 50 years I hear. I went to work which is just around the corner from where I live before the blizzard hit I watched the snow fall from the window while I was at work for the morning it was gorgeous. I finished work at lunchtime got home and Mr D had popped by and said about going to the shop to pick up a few supplies like bread and milk before the blizzard hit.

Instead of going around to my  local shop we decided well I guess I decided to forget we had a local shop around the corner thought we take a drive to Sainsburys to pick up the things we needed BAD IDEA!!

Because we may have got to Sainsburys which was basically downhill from where I live but couldn’t get back again due to the snow falling more and so many cars out getting stuck and couldn’t move.

We literally drove for two mother fucking hours trying to get home, we drove out the way thinking we can get back round to drive the straighter stretch back rather than trying to drive uphill and there are three steep hills to get back up.

Soon as we got half way around to where we were heading after sitting in traffic after traffic the road was shut, and the one way street had cars coming up, so we had to turn around and drive right back to Sainsburys again and attempt the hill to get home.

On our merry way I couldn’t believe how the community was coming together and helping each other out locals were trying to clear roads and pouring grit salt on the road and helping each other out it was such a beautiful thing to see.

Finally, we made it back to Sainsburys and no this isn’t an advertisement for Sainsburys. It was just the chosen shop we decided to go to well my choice as Mr D kept pointing out on our adventure to get back.

We made it half way up the first steep hill and the car started wheel spinning and got stuck, so I had to get out and push pushing a car up hill and sliding while trying to push isn’t an easy thing to do by yourself,but passers-by saw the struggle and ran over to help which was nice and I was very grateful indeed.

So, we mad it up the first hill with the first three set of helpers. I got back in the car and we continued driving only to hit the second hill and get stuck again. But one of the guys from earlier who helped up the first hill was walking by and helped me push the car up the second hill and to my amazement we made it up the second hill.

The third and final hill guess what we got fucking stuck again but as we live in such a great community another passer by came over and helped me push the car. And finally, we made it up the hills and back home which only took two hours for a trip that only takes ten mins in normal conditions. So the moral of my adventure is stay the hell inside when a blizzard hits

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