My Bargain Buys

This Weeks Bargain Buys

Air Wick Electric Wax Melter
Emma Mumford (spiritual queen) Law of Attraction Box
Wilko’s Stationery

So, this week I went on a mini shopping haul and picked up a few bits I’ve been wanting to get for a while first on my list.
An electric Wax Melter I’ve heard only good things about these and thought I go grab one myself and see what its all about and no joke the radiant smell that comes into my living area is amazing. I brought some extra wax melts also and as I brought the wax Melter at a rock bottom price of wait for it….
£2 pounds in the cleanence section in wilko’s. Since it was a cracking price I brought extra wax melts these were enchanted forest with the scent of winter berries, frosted lavender and cedar wood.
I also got some mulled wine by the fire scent which came with the Wax Melter itself. Both are the most gorgeous smells I’ve ever smelt the enchanted forest really makes you feel like you’re in an enchanted forest some where like the tv series Once Upon A Time well that’s where the scent takes me, anyway its such a unique enchanting smell to have throughout your home.
I highly recommend you pop a Wax Melter on you next list of things buy. The only thing I’m struggling with is the clean up after I’m finding it a little struggle to remove the wax once the scent has gone.
And yes, I wait for the wax to cool down and go hard. If you have any tips on the removal of the wax from the Melter once used up just give me a message or connect with me on any of my social media links 😉 it will be gratefully received
Now that’s enough of the obsessing over wax melts and get on to the other things I purchased this week.
Another wilko buy was some stationary I brought a budget planner its gorgeous as you can see from the pictures a project book and a kindness diary oh and before I forget a lovely folder to keep some paper work in.
Which has a quote “it’s a beautiful day to start” and yes, it is every day is a beautiful day to start anything you set your mind to. I’m a bit of an obsessed over note books, planner’s folders you name if I’m always purchasing these items.
Saving the best for last Emma Mumford spiritual queen “Queen” of all things Law of Attraction I’ve been following Emma for a while now and I think I can say I have a massive lady crush 😊 everything she teaches just resonates with me I’ve been following law of attraction for a little while now and everything she speaks about is spot on.
I listen to her podcast, watch her YouTube vlogs and follow her on social media. I just can’t get enough (no I’m no stalker either) so when she launched her Law of Attraction box and candles which I’m still to get which is on my list for next week. Anyway, back to the box I ordered the box I think it was Tuesday this week and it arrived on Friday that same week.
When it arrived, I was jumping up and down like a little kid who just come down stairs on Christmas Morning I’ve been watching the letter box all week for this box to come and it didn’t disappoint. Emma has three different law of attraction boxes she’s just launched and I choose the gratitude box as that’s the box I was drawn to as I’m on a gratitude rampage at the moment in life practising gratitude is something you should incorporate in to everyday life to help manifest the thing you want to attract after all like attracts like thoughts become things.
So, when I opened the box it was wrapped in a gorgeous pastel pink tissue paper with the Emma Mumford logo sticker. Inside the box was a lovely letter from Emma herself thanking me for purchasing her L.O.A box and hoping I enjoy its contents.
What’s inside the box?
*Gratitude Journal
*Gratitude Rock
* Rose Quartz
* Dragon Egg Crystal
* Slogan Pencil set
* Attracts Money Incense sticks
* Ask Believe Receive Print
All these were absolute top-notch quality amazing value for money. I love my goodies and will be ordering another box very soon along with Emma’s law of attraction candle range the incense sticks are to die for the smell is gorgeous and makes you feel like you’re already attracting more money into your life. join me next time and don’t
forget to go check out Emma’s website below

Wax Melter £2
Stationary £13
Law of attraction box £20

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