Healthy Eating Habits


Starting the day with a healthy breakfast,

Having a healthy breakfast that has the right nutritional value can help release energy slowly and help with your weight control which can limit your need for snacks mid-morning. Having breakfast can provide your body with the nutrients you need and provide a slow balanced release of energy.

• Eating a good balanced breakfast may help with weight management
• A healthy breakfast fuels you with the right supply of vital nutrients
• Eating breakfast may be able to help stop you from unhealthy snacks around mid-morning
• Breakfast can help accelerates the body’s metabolism
• Breakfast can help with improving concentration through out the day

Being healthy isn’t about being thin its about feeling great and having more energy improving your outlook and helping stabilize your mood by following a few simple tips you can learn to create a varied, tasty and “healthy lifestyle” see how I didn’t use the word diet I hate that word I prefer to call it a “healthy lifestyle”
Skipping breakfast which is your first meal of the day can increase your risk for obesity. If you’re not eating right after you wake up in the morning your body senses a famine is coming and who wants that right? And this slows down your metabolism to compensate. Then as stated above later in the morning mid-morning your body becomes ravenous and wants you to pick up unhealthy food which leads to binge eating with a slow metabolism this is a bad recipe for weight gain which none of us want when living a healthy lifestyle.

List of breakfast ideas:
1. Avocado on toast
2. Banana on toast
3. Egg on toast
4. Peanut butter with banana on toast
5. Overnight oats
6. Breakfast egg muffins
7. Guacamole and egg breakfast bowl
8. Bowl of fruit

I could go on forever there are so many different ideas for a healthy breakfast why not head over to my pinterest board breakfast/lunch ideas

If you ever feel to busy for breakfast why not try making a smoothie there are many different recipes you can find in Books, Pinterest, YouTube you name it its everywhere for you to access. My personal favourite smoothie must be avocado, Greek or natural yogurt with a banana.

Also, some morning or when I feel the need for a detox I will drink some lemon water I have this warm first thing in the morning it has many benefits it aids digestion helps your skin and hair its cheap and effective and tastes great

How I make my lemon water:

1. Boil the kettle
2. Use a juicer to release the juice from half a lemon
3. Allow the water to cool a little,
we don’t want to be drinking that bad boy at boiling temperature and burn our mouth do you get what I’m saying.
We’ve all been there with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning I know I have 😊
4. Once cooled a little pour the lemon water into your favourite and stir I like to drink it with a straw to protect my teeth
5. Hey presto! you’ve just made your self a cup of goodness. Enjoy

How I make my AVO & Banana Smoothie:
1. Slice the avocado in half scoop it out and you can either chop it up or place straight into your smoothie maker or blender
2. Add the natural or Greek yogurt
3. Slice up your banana or place in blender whole
4. You can either add honey it you want it a little sweetener, but the banana does it for me
5. Blend up all your ingredients
6. Pour into your favourite glass or smoothie cup and hey presto again a delicious drink made by you

The picture below is actually a picture of another smoothie i made which was strawberry and banana

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