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Reign is no longer a baby but is now growing into a handsome little boy a proper toddler. He is known for sticky little fingers and then touching my lovely Tv screen or touching the walls with sticky little finger’s but this is just the perfect time to implement hand washing. Reign is at the perfect age to learn about the importance of cleanliness as he’s getting older.

Beginning this stage now just makes sure he’ll stay strong and healthy. So when I talk to reign about something that is dirty I just tell him that’s dirty no beating around the brush about it and he gets it now if his hands are dirty I will point out to him its dirty and he comes to wash his hands.

He has now grasped the idea that when I say something is dirty he with stop what he’s doing so I can clean his hands. But not always he can be a little monster about it at times but on a good note He has now got use to if his hands are sticking he will come and tell me his hands are dirty.

He loves to play at the sink while washing his hands which I did embrace for a short while until he started making the bathroom floor wet. And I meant very wet  So now it’s a quick clean with a wipe or a quick wash with soap and water at the sink.

Reigns knows to wash his hands before he eats and after using the potty which he doesn’t do that often at the moment. We our still learning to use the potty making sure your toddler washes his/her hands before meals and after any activities which involves their hands getting dirty.

Having a good hand washing routine this early on is a great way to help your toddler on the road to being independent and master a new skill. Reign has a little blue step stool to stand on to reach the sink where he will stand while I help him to wash his hands with soap and water.

It is said that hand washing should take around 20-30 solid seconds of scrubbing with soap under warm water but my son wont stand their that long washing his hands. So we kind of make it a little game and sing his favourite song while we wash his hands.


Brushing reigns teeth can be a little bit of a challenge at times when he’s just not feeling having a brush in his mouth with toothpaste on but giving him his brush with a pea size amount of toothpaste on and letting him take charge kinda works so he will either brush his teeth with me or one of his sisters.

I brought Reign a flashing toothbrush when he didn’t want his tooth brushed anymore which really helped a lot and now he loves brushing his teeth we also go through around 3 toothbrushes a month with him as he likes to wonder off with them and hide them in his secret places around the house. So if you have a fussy toddler who hates having their tooth brush I would recommend a flashing tooth-brush or just sing a favourite song while brushing there teeth.



Reign is old enough to sit up in the bath now with me by the side of the bath to closely supervise him reigns loves the bath but hasn’t always been that way last year around fireworks night reign was having a bath and loads of fireworks went off. (Hence it being fireworks night)

It scared him shitless and he never wanted to get into the bath again and this was a little boy who was born into water and loved every single moment of being in water. It took a good month or two getting him associated with the bath again it took a lot of new bath toys and bath foam and making bath times exciting again.

But he did come around again to taking a bath in that time of the resistance of having a bath I had to resort to the top and tail again or washing him in the sink which he didn’t mind at all.  I’m in the process of getting him to try to wash himself when he’s in the bath it’s getting him engaged into bath times and this helps build up his motor skills in the process so it’s a win win. Building a routine up to bath-time encourages Reign.



  • Having a routine is important I’ve found out with this little boy he’s like a hawk and if something is out of wack he knows about it don’t we all
  • Getting reign to cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs at the moment is challenging but repetition is the key and getting him into a routine of doing it will also help in the long run. As we all know coughs and sneezes spread diseases
  • Role model the more my kids see me do things the more likely they are to copy what it is I’m doing so for reign him watching us all wash our hands covering our mouths when coughing and sneezing is all part of his learning and he will see it’s a part of life as he grows up.
  • Flashing toothbrush if you have a fussy toddler
  • Bath toys
  • Encouraging your toddler to wash themselves
  • Sing a song at bath-time and tooth-brushing time
  • Sticker chart for tooth-brushing ( is an idea i have to try )
  • Make bath times fun

If there are any tips you’d like to share drop them in the comments below until next time keep up the good vibes

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