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Tried & Tested Travel Essentials for Travelers Traveling During 2018 & Beyond

Spend most of your time navigating airports or transportation depots? If so, you’re probably an avid traveler. To help you jet-set, explore and vacation like the pros, we recommended picking up these travel essentials that are setting the trends in 2018.


  • Portable USB Charger: Travelers in the modern age carry a variety of tech gadgets and accessories to stay connected and make their trips more enjoyable. This is why they depend on portable chargers and power banks to keep their tablets, phones and computers charged up.


  • Convertible Neck Scarf: These unique scarves double as travel pillows and head rests, as they easily and conveniently convert. Cozy and supportive, these traveling scarves allow you to nap in comfort during long flights or trips without having to tote around a bulky pillow.


  • Mini Steamer System: Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep clothes looking freshly laundered when living out of a suitcase. The solution? Get yourself a mini steamer you can pack in your checked luggage or carry-on!



  • Lightweight Luggage: Long gone are the days of clunky and cumbersome suitcases. These days there are all sorts of lightweight yet durable models to choose from, including ones that feature built-in USB ports, laptop compartments and other technological upgrades.


  • TSA-Compliant Bottle: Travelers are often affected by dehydration because they don’t have water readily available to them. Change the way you hydrate! Pick up a reusable water bottle you can pack in your carry-on. Just make sure it’s empty when boarding, as TSA no longer allows liquids to clear inspection.


Whether you’re a business traveler, a vacationer or someone who likes to take quick weekend trips, the above travel essentials will help optimize your voyages.

Picked for their practicality and reliability, these travel necessities also make excellent gifts for the traveling men and women in your life.

These items above are must have travel items. let us know in the comments below whats your top travel essentials for this year


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