Ultimate Spring Clean Checklist

Finally, spring has arrived and its that time of year to start the spring clean. Spring cleans are normally the big clean out you have for your house ready for the summer months. So, what’s the secret well its just planning and a bit of preparation in my house. I need to plan and prepare with the kids so below is a list I couldn’t live without for spring cleaning my house with 4 kids who love to keep on untidying it as soon as I clean it.


  • Cleaning the microwave
  • Clean and sanitize the fridge
  • Vacuum behind the fridge and around the coils at the back of the fridge
  • Clean and sanitize the freezer
  • Clean the dish washer
  • Clean and sanitize the kitchen bin
  • Clean the cooker hob
  • Clean inside the oven
  • Clean the extractor fan and replace the filter in the hood if needed
  • Clean and organise cupboards and draws
  • Cleaning kitchen tiles and splash backs
  • Wash down the kitchen gadgets
  • Wash the floors
  • Wash the blinds or curtains which ever you have in the kitchen


    • Clean draws and wardrobe
    • Windows, glass, frames & sills
    • Dust and polish bedroom furniture
    • Dust lights and bedroom lamps
    • Dusting ceilings, ceiling corners, skirting boards
    • Declutter the bedroom
    • Dust any ornaments you have on display
    • Switch duvet from winter to summer duvets
    • Deep clean mattress
    • Flip your mattress (unless you have a no turn mattress)
    • Wash pillows
    • Clean door frames, handles, skirting and walls
    • Cleaning under bed storage if you have any



    • Polish and Dust furniture
    • Dust ceiling lighting and lamps
    • Dust and wash down skirting boards
    • Dust corners of the ceiling and around light fixtures
    • Polish ornaments and furniture
    • Clean windows and sills
    • Doors, frames & handles
    • Wash curtain and vacuum blinds
    • Remove sofa cushions and hoover under the seating
    • Pull out sofa and hoover underneath
    • Wash cushion covers if you have removable cushion covers
    • Disinfect remote controls and any game consoles
    • Polish and dust any bookcases and shelves



    • Clean Bath, taps, sink & toilet
    • Mirrors
    • Windows
    • Shower screen and curtains
    • Top up soap dispensers
    • Lights
    • Floors
    • Shower and shower head
    • Clean and wash, sanitise bathroom bins
    • Wash and sanitise cabinets, Towel Rails
    • Wash the bathroom mats or replace
    • Deep clean floors and bathroom sides
    • Re grout and seal
    • Wash around the bath and shower with a de-mould solution to get rid of any mould which might be present
    • Clean out drains remove any hair which might be caught down the drains
    • Dust & Wash bathroom blind


    • Cleaning Office areas use the tips above to get an outline of areas to clean in the office
    • Cleaning and sanitising the KIDS Toys is a must especially for me with a little toddler running around
    • Pet areas, bedding bowls etc
    • Clear the garden
    • Clear the garage (I know I need to do mine)
    • Give the car a clean out
    • Game consoles digital boxes etc

    And there you have it a list of spring clean ideas ready for the summer months also down below is a picture of my house cleaning lists for weekly, fortnightly, monthly, year etc which I do regularly

    let us know how you get along with your spring clean and what you have on your spring clean list until next time


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