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Most Affordable Family Destinations

Top Most Affordable Family Travel Destinations in America 

Travelling is one of the best ways to break away from the daily stresses of life. Not only does travelling ease your wanderlust, but it allows you to relax and rejuvenate. In fact, travelling helps keep you healthy, as confirmed by a recent study. The study that revealed this was conducted by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the U.S Travel Association.

Moreover, travelling or simply going on vacation has been found to boost an individuals mood, as well as lower depression. According to a study done by the Marshfield Clinic, women who took a vacation twice a year were less likely to experience depression. The simple act of travelling has also been found as a great way to boost our creative juices.

From the above-mentioned facts, it is obvious that travelling is more than just a hobby. It holds a sense of importance to our general well- being. Hence, it is safe to conclude, that travelling is a necessity that we cannot do without.

Regardless of how important travelling is for us, not many of us take the time to do it.


America alone as a continent holds numerous travel and tourist destinations. This fact creates numerous opportunities for families to travel without having to break the bank. So, yes, it is possible to experience the luxury of a full vacation while taking your children along.

Now, below we have compiled a comprehensive list of top destinations within America. Please note, that the mentioned destinations are completely affordable. Moreover, these places promise a memorable and fun experience for you and your family. Let us take a look.

Top Affordable Travel Destinations Within America:

There is really no reason to not travel at all. As previously mentioned above, travelling offers a myriad of benefits. Other than allowing you to take time off and relax, travelling improves our emotional, mental and physical well- being. Of course, it also improves our social abilities as we interact with different individuals from diverse cultures.

Below, we take a look at a few places that offer the perfect experience and ambience, while maintaining a fair price.

Branson, Missouri

Branson is truly a place of wonder and magic that offers something for everyone. In other words, Branson is a perfect destination for both adults and kids as well. It offers an avenue for learning through historical monuments and exhibits


If you have been wanting to take your children to an amusement park, this is the place for you. Why? Branson offers all the magic and fun than any other amusement park has to offer but at an affordable price.

Branson is home to the breathtaking and historical amusement park known as the Silver Dollar City. The main theme of the park revolves around the history of the 1800s. Hence, it manages to mix both fun, and education at the same time. A feat that many destinations are yet to achieve.

San Diego

San Diego ranks as one of the top best places to visit in America. Its popularity is largely due to its beauty, cultural diversity, weather and food among other reasons. However, one of the major reasons people travel from far and wide to visit San Diego is due to its beaches.

San Diego is home to a number of white sandy beaches surrounded by clear blue water bodies. From Mission Beach to Coronado beach, there’s a variety to choose from.  Mission Beach, however; should be on the top of your list as it is considered to be very popular.

This particular beach is the only one that has an amusement park, which is known as Belmont Park. The park is home to the Giant Dipper roller coaster ride, among other top attractions. Hence, making it a perfect family travel destination.

Travel experts advise people to travel to San Diego during the month of October or during the summer. October and summer is the time when locals celebrate their annual event and festival. More specifically, they celebrate the annual San Diego County Fair during the summer. While they celebrate the annual Kids free San Diego event during the month of October.

During these events, they offer discounts for tourists and visitors. Moreover, during the Kids festival, your children can get discounts or even free admissions to certain hotels and restaurants. You can be assured of a memorable time in San Diego.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head is an Island that promises a quiet and relaxing getaway. The Island is cluttered with a number of beautiful and heavenly beaches that will take your breath away. Your children can be building sand castles, while you and your spouse relax and watch from afar.

If your family prefers more activity and involvement, take a walk down to Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. You can even sneak in a history lesson and take your kids to the Coastal Discovery Museum. According to, both the museum and the Wildlife Refuge are free of charge.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is home to the most scenic beaches, numerous golf- courses and entertainment facilities. In other words, this destination is a place of diversity. It offers adventure and fun due to the number of activities that are offered. There is literally something for everyone to do in the wonderful city of Myrtle Beach.

If you love the feeling of sand beneath your feet, this is the place to be.  Approximately 60 miles of Myrtle beach is covered with beaches. For the golf- lovers, this city is said to be home to over 100 golf- courses.

When it comes to entertainment, you and your kids can visit WonderWorks, Medieval Times, the Alabama Theatre and the Carolina Opry just to name a few. The highlight reel has to be the Myrtle Beach Skywheel.  One of the highest and most breathtaking Skywheels in the continent of America.

If you’re a thrill seeker, take a ride on this Skywheel to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. Mothers, don’t worry, there’s also something for you in Myrtle Beach. Just head down to the Barefoot Landing or the Coastal Grand Mall among others, for a great shopping experience. After you’re done shopping, enjoy a fine meal or cold drink at the restaurants that are within the mall.

Los Angeles

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the famous Los Angeles. Los Angeles is clearly a place that offers different activities for every age group and gender. In other words, you simply can’t run out of activities in the City of Angles.

It goes without saying that L.A is home to the magical Disneyland that many children dream of visiting. It can be a bit pricey, however; prices often go down during certain times. The discusses the best times during the year to visit Disneyland.

According to Leap, the author of, mid- January or mid- February is a good time. You can even visit The Happiest Place on Earth in mid- November or mid- December. Avoid visiting Disneyland during holidays as charges are often higher.

If the time doesn’t coincide with your schedule, then simply visit one of the beaches in Los Angeles. Take a trip down to Santa Monica which is an oceanside city. From the name alone, you can be assured of a surreal experience. The city holds numerous attractions that will keep your children busy for hours. You can also visit other beaches such as Venice beach and Mothers beach.

Burton Chase Park, situated in Mothers beach offers a great number of activities for children as well. Other than playing on the white sandy beaches, you and your family can sail in a boat in Marina Del Rey. Be sure to visit the Grand Park and Griffith Park so that your children can get a chance to play in one of the largest playgrounds in LA.

The City of Stars is also known for its grand Museums that house historical treasures and stories. From the Getty Centre and California Science Centre to the Peterson Automotive Museum, there’s a lot to choose from.

Tampa, Florida

One trip down to Tampa, Florida and you and your family will be hooked. Everything from the Lowry Park Zoo to the Florida Aquarium screams family- fun. According to, purchasing the Tampa CityPASS will make your family trip cheaper.

Your visit to Tampa will not be complete without taking a trip to the Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens, the highlight reel of Tampa, is a theme park filled with African animals, roller coaster rides and even water rides. This amazing theme park also houses the incredible waterpark known as the Adventure Island.

If the prices do not work for you, take a quick drive to other tourists’ destinations within Florida. You can visit Treasure Island which your children will completely love. You can finish your adventure by taking a stroll down the sandy white shores of the Clearwater Beach. Of course, there are more family – fun activities for you in Florida as well.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg will have you and your family feel like you travelled back in time. Every single thing about this town tells a tale of history. If you decide to visit Williamsburg, ensure that you visit the Yorktown Battlefield and Jamestown. These two mentioned places tell the history of the colonial times.

Niagara Falls

Taking a trip to Niagra Falls will make for unforgettable memories and experiences with your family. The sight of its icy blue water that hit the rock is something out of this world. Ensure that you take a boat ride so you can witness the surreal magnificence of these falls up close.

Don’t forget to carry a camera with you so that you can carry those memories home. Travel experts advise individuals and families to visit Niagra Falls during fall. Summer, due to its favourable climate, tends to draw a large crowd to this destination. Hence, it is advisable to avoid visiting this place during the summer time.

After that, you can always visit you the Cave of the Winds Mountain Park. By the end of the day, you and your children will be exhausted from completely satisfying and adventurous day.


Kansas City, Missouri

Surprisingly, Kansas City is a hub for culture and free attractions. Hence the reason it was voted as the number one most affordable places to visit by the Travel and Leisure magazine. Due to how culturally diverse this city is, you can be assured of meeting a number of interesting people. Moreover, you’ll get to learn about the different cultures that you find there.

When it comes to free attractions that you can enjoy as a family, you can start off by visiting the Harley- Davidson Plant, Kaleidoscope or the Crossroads Art District.

You can also visit Museums, which might cost you some money. The National Frontier Trails Museum tells the rich story of the Western trails of America. The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial reminds us of the history of the great war.

If you and your family enjoy Jazz music, be sure to visit the American Jazz Museum. The Museum tells the rich history of how Jazz comes to be from its exhibits and various artefacts. Moreover, if you have a child that has a love for sports and basketball, pass by the College Basketball Experience (CBE). He/ she will definitely thank you for it later.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, also known as the City of Brotherly Love, is another affordable place to visit. One of the main reasons for its high affordability is its free attractions. At Independence Hall, you can get free tickets for you and your family. Or you can simply take a tour around the city and admire the public art that portrays the cultural diversity in the area.

However, ensure that you visit more than just the free attraction areas. This way, you’ll get to see more and enjoy your travel experience. You can always sneak in a history lesson by taking your kids to the National Constitution Centre. There they will get to learn about the Declaration of Independence and so forth.

One of the best things that you will love about Philadephia is the cuisine. Not only is there a variety of food to choose from, but they are great tasting and very affordable as well. Eating out will not be an issue while visiting the magical City of Brotherly Love.

Denver, Colorado

Denver can be considered as one the perfect family destination within the borders of America. Why? Because it offers the best of both worlds: The city and the green mountain views. Admittedly, this might resonate well with your young ones.

Another great quality is that this place is extremely affordable. However, in order to get the best discounts, you need to sign up for Denver’s Deals and Discounts.  Once you’ve taken care of this, you may proceed at exploring the magical land of Denver.

To start your vacation off, you can visit some museums that are either free or affordable. For instance, the Colorado State Capitol and the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave are really good ones. However, the highlight of your visit in Denver will most likely be the Garden of The gods. This place will completely take your breath away due to its scenic beauty.

Also, if love climbing and getting your heart rate up, drive down to Pikes Peak. Of course, you will need to go prepared with climbing essentials and equipment for safety. This is one way to have fun, and stay active and healthy at the same time. So go for it.


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon located in Northern Arizona is truly grand as the name suggest. Its magnificence has managed to draw millions of people from all corners of the world for centuries. More specifically, it manages to draw at least six million individuals annually.

Even now, it holds true to the beauty and awe that embodies every aspect of mother nature. This natural marvel coloured in red and orange hues can truly hold its own. According to, this canyon measures approximately 18 miles wide. When it comes to miles, this canyon measures over 270 miles.

Travel experts advise individuals seeking to save money to visit at the end of the month of August. Moreover, you can save money by taking the shuttle, instead of using your car. After your tour, be sure to visit the local restaurants that offer the best meals.

Now, it is imperative that we take a look at a few things that you should consider while travelling. If you are looking to save money during your travels, you need to keep the following in mind:

The Accommodation: There are some hotels that offer discounts and affordable prices. In order to get the best deal, check out the website of the place you intend to stay in. If they do offer any discounts for children, be sure to apply for that.

Travel: Always consider whether or not travelling in your car is cheaper or not. Fuel costs tend to add up. You can get there by flight, and then use the free bus services that may be available in the area. If they do not offer this, then you may have to opt for your car instead.

Time: It’s all a matter of timing. Always ensure that you go during the low seasons when the tourist destinations get very few visitors. This way, you can be assured of an affordable vacation.

Moreover, hotels often charge less during offseason. So, time your vacation wisely and do your research.


In conclusion, travelling should be something we do at least twice a year as a family. There are numerous destinations within the American border that are full of magic and wonder. Yet, they offer memorable experiences at an affordable price.

So, do not miss out on visiting and touring the culturally diverse land of America. Book the tickets today, and have an adventure as a family.

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