Planning a Bachelorette/Hen Party

Planning a Bachelorette/Hen Party

Being the maid of Honor can get a little stress full at times trying to plan the perfect Hen/ bachelorette party & the perfect location. Especially when you don’t actually want to disappoint the bride to be who has trusted you & of course you want everyone to have a good time.

I’ll show you a plan below to follow to make planning a bachelorette party a breeze..


Communication is the key – This part of the bride to be journey into marriage is a  big deal & will forever last in her memory for a long time. So asking her what she’s wants is a must get her vision for her perfect bachelorette party. Even tho your asking her for the vision you should keep the actual event a surprise it’s a great idea to give her a little glimpse of what the day, night or weekend will entail but not given away too much.


When asking the bride to be for her vision here are some prompts to get you going –

  • what is our budget?
  • Do you want to go abroad?
  • What would be your dream location for your Hen Party?
  • What are the no nos if there anything out of the question you most definitely don’t want to do?
  • If she chooses to go abroad ask how long she wants to go away for?


Creating an invite list writing a list is a must so you know who to invite & who can make it. You’ll have a rough ideal number of ladies. Make sure you include the bride in the list making as you don’t want to upset her by inviting someone she doesn’t get on with.

Don’t stress out Relax you’ve been choose to plan this event by your best friend she believes in you & trusts you to plan her bachelorette.


Decide on a location & accommodation

You could pick a few locations & make an evening of it with the bridesmaids and decide together where the destination will be.


Dates for the bachelorette party set up a group chat and decide with everyone what are the best possible dates to suit everyone. But making sure the brides chosen dates are top priority.


Transport arranging transport in advance is a must straight after the destination & location has been decided on. For example Flights, Taxis etc


Planning activities this is where the fun all begins planning activities you’ll be able to do once you reach your destination.


Themed dress codes & party games-decide whether you’ll be having t-shirts, tops, robes or jackets made up for the bachelorette party and party favours. Decide on any party games. Adding a personal touch with accessories makes it extra special


Confirmation of final details

Once you have finalised all the details with the other hens like dates, times, budget, location & dress code if you’re all wearing pre-made bachelorette t-shirts or outfits.


Now it’s time to Book!

You can get some amazing deals on group bookings so have a look around. The Allure Vacations can arrange the perfect group booking. Look them up on Facebook @theallurevactions

Once everyone is happy with all the details & decisions you can begin to collect the money and assign anyone with any responsibility. Making sure to keep track of any outstanding money & who has already paid

Bachelorette/Hen Party games

Games there are loads to choose from & Pinterest has some amazing ideas


Now’s the time to sit back & relax because the above tips was a lot of work to be arranging



Once the date is within a week send out reminders to everyone in the group chat or even little reminder cards in the post or email.


So to make sure the numbers are still the same and no last-minute drop-outs. If there is it’s the perfect time to make any changes needed

Last minute convo with the bride to be

Check in with the bride to be & see if everything is going well or if there is any thing she wants to add


The Day Has Arrived So Lets Have Some Fun ! After all you deserve it after all that planning & organising relax unwind, have fun, enjoy the moment

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