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Exeter Food And Drinks Festival 2018


Back in May Me and the kids took a lovely day trip to Exeter Food And Drink festival. where we spent a lovely hot sunny day trying foods, watching entertainment & the kids taking part in Farm School where they cooked, made clay models, painted pictures. and learned how to plant seeds.

in Farm school the kids made a few things kale crisps, cheese,carrot and oats flap jack which by the way tasted amazing and wild fritters.


All of which was educational for them, me on the other hand got to try some local produced wines and some amazing street food and not forgetting some locally made gin.

While walking around we found the South Devon chilli farm stand. Boy did those sauces blow our heads off the kids really wanted to try some salsa with a tortillas a few seconds after they tried some they was shouting for some water. me on the other hand being good old mum had to pretend it wasn’t burning the hell out of my mouth while i tried to cool the gobs down. It took around say 10 mins before they felt like they could feel their mouths again.

Then off we headed to the cake stand Big Bakes Bakery Stand. Although we only live up the road from their shop the kids always have to buy a cake if we see them at events we go to. They have the most amazing tasting cakes and they look incredible almost to good to eat

On are travels around i found the RedYeates west country wines where i brought a cup of their lovely wine which was so refreshing and lovely. 

Off the taste some Street Food yippee we found this colourful stand that sold world foods so i brought a Vegan Falafel wrap which by the way was massive i couldn’t eat that huge thing by myself so the kids shared with me good job i didn’t buy them one each

The atmosphere was truly amazing music, the food, the incredible Weather what more could we have asked for. We watched a few cooking demonstrations and signed up for the woodland trust which is all about protecting trees and planting new ones.

This is an amazing day out for the whole family kids and adults alike full of culture, music, food, arts and crafts, cooking classes you name it.

If you in the area at next years event its a definite place to check out. Comment below if there are any other food & drink festivals that you love to go to

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