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I’m Paulette, and welcome to our little space our little corner of the web.

I am a self-confessed newbie travel addict, I love to travel, I love the thought of travelling to new, different and exciting places with or without the kids in line. I Love to Travel around my own country and most definitely countries around the world. Which starts this year

I’m a mum to four amazing little mini humans.

I live in South Devon I’m self-employed and try to spend as much time as I can with my youngest my little boy Reign who is 18 months old. Before he grows up and starts school as everyone knows they don’t stay babies forever.

I love making memories with my beautiful little family who are growing up so fast.

We love living by the sea and going on country walks and exploring as many different places as we can. And indulging in many different types of foods along the way.

We absolutely love capturing moments and making memories.

As far as I can remember I’ve always had a thing for travel seeing new and interesting places trying out diverse types of foods along the way and just trying to live my best life. Until now I’ve only ever really travelled to France, Spain, Jamaica.

Although I love these places I only visited them when I was younger Spain on the other hand I’ve been visiting with the kids for the last four years but now’s the time to branch out and go further a field with them.

Exploring the world because travelling with the kids is absolutely amazing they’ve done well to fly over to Spain for the last four years. Now its most definitely time to explore the world with them.

France: was a school trip when I was younger, so it was only ever a day trip so didn’t get to see much so I would love to take the kids out there and explore what France has to offer.

Jamaica: I went with family to visit other family members when I was 16 years old my nan took me and my younger brother after I completed my gcse which was a lovely break away but a very long 6 weeks away from my mum and other siblings at the time and I also missed my friends and my boyfriend at the time.

Jamaica is also on my bucket list of places to go back to. Just to experience it from an older version of myself.

I’m not just a self -confessed newbie travel addict. I’m also addict to Food especially healthy eating I’m a complete foodie

I love going shopping who doesn’t a girl can’t have to many things



I became a mum to my 1st child at the tender age of 18.

Yes, I was a young mum. She’s now a teenager and at college and doing very well I also have three other children ages 18 months, 7 years old and 10 they all bring so much joy into my life and the occasional headache at times.

I became a single parent last year after my relationship of 12 and a half years broke down. But we both co-parent the children well.

For the past few years I’ve studied or worked around the field of care something I just kind of fell into after my first child.

I did love it for many years but then things change you get older and you no longer want to work the whole 9-5 life especially when you have kids and want to show them life is for living not just paying bills,  you don’t have to work every hour under the god dame sun to get somewhere in life. No longer did I want that type of life anymore or for my kids. Call it an awakening of such

I’ve realised this the past year and have made some very positive changes no longer would wanting to travel be just a pipe dream or something I would do one day I mean if we forever lived in one day we wouldn’t get anything done. So, I’m making one day today and living my best life and getting shit done OK!  And its rubbing off on the kids because they now have the travel bug and want to see the world and experience different things.


What Are My Passions?

I’ve always had a passion for creating things and using my hands to make things I love making candles and making up batches of essential oils to use in my everyday life.

I am an essential oils addict yeah, I’m addict to a lot of things I hear you say but I’m just passionate about a range of different things. I absolutely love taking pictures this has been something I’ve had a long-standing passion about since a very young age.

And still stands strong now I’ve always got my phone out taking pictures or I’ve got my canon g7x out snapping away. I’m a huge fan of self- growth and personal development and love the law of attraction I started on the path of spiritual development after my break up last year. All the books I read are law of attraction based and spiritual they keep me focus and high vibe. And its helping me crush my goals in life.




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