Here are a few item brought in March used and abused !

  •  Soothing and Detoxifying Epsom salts
  • Sensitive Facial wipes
  • Exfoliating Facial wipes
  • White Clay & Eucalyptus Purify Face Mask

All theses items i purchased from Home bargains the wipes were £1 each the face mask also £1 and the Epsom salts £2.60 all bargains.

I’ve been using this as part of a new skin care routine wanting to keep up on my face care routine with some new products. Using theses products i’ve noticed a clearer smoother looking complextion and when i have a full face of make up on it sits very nicely because you know when we have make up on we feel our absolute best we feel like our best self.

The White Clay Face Mask does sting a little after you apply it to your face but that just means its working and the stinging doesn’t last for long like 2 mins if that its just the eucalyptus working its magic into your pores.

i leave my mask on for around 30 mins on the odd occasion i have left it on for 60 mins only because i forget i have it on.

When i first applied the mask i was shocked with the stinging but that passes but is so worth it after.

Once i wash the mask of my face and dry my face is completely moisturised i mean no need to apply a moisturiser after because this bad boy gets so deep it washes all the crap away and leaves you with baby soft skin.  Which is the way i love my face to feel.

This is the first face mask i’ve ever used where i don’t need to apply a moisturiser after as the mask takes care of that all for you.

The wipes i use every day and leaves my face feeling on top form. The exfoliating wipes are double sided to so you can use both sides to really get a good scrub on going. helps to wipe away make up  or to just give you face a little TLC in the morning.

Ahh now onto the Epsom salts which are my absolute favourite to put into the bath with some bath bombs from lush and some bubbles . Epsom salts have many benefits for the body it helps to remove toxins from the body helps with aches and pains relaxing the tired and aching muscles. I used Epsom salts in my bath a few times a week or when i feel like my body needs it.

Overall i would highly recommend these products as i feel they have really worked well for me and hey for the price you cant go wrong 🙂

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