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    Exeter Food And Drinks Festival 2018

      Back in May Me and the kids took a lovely day trip to Exeter Food And Drink festival. where we spent a lovely hot sunny day trying foods, watching entertainment & the kids taking part in Farm School where they cooked, made clay models, painted pictures. and learned how to plant seeds. in Farm school the kids made a few things kale crisps, cheese,carrot and oats flap jack which by the way tasted amazing and wild fritters.   All of which was educational for them, me on the other hand got to try some local produced wines and some amazing street food and not forgetting some locally made gin.…

  • My Life Adventures

    SNOW DAY 1st March 2018

      Hey guys.  So, on Wednesday February 28th Snow hit us for the first time in my neck of the woods in 9 years and I mean proper snow fall.  I was so excited screaming running around the house calling friends and family telling them its snowing its snowing like the big kid I am I couldn’t get enough it looked like a snow globe from my front room window all so magical and pretty it was like something you see out the movies. Or so I thought the schools were cancelled on Wednesday afternoon and I had to go pick up my kids from school me who doesn’t listen…

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