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The dreaded potty training

So I’ve been on the roller-coaster ride of training my little boy to use the potty. And to my surprise the first week went really well he was excited to use the potty when he woke up in the morning just like everyone else in the house using the toilet not the potty. The potty is for Reign 🙂

After a few weeks Reign got ill and refused to use the potty anymore. So I left it about a month before I tried him on the potty again.

Again he did well to start with apart from now he’s found his willy and pulls on it all the time and thinks it’s incredibly funny. And he’s even pissed in his toys while playing and running around pull up less . This boy loves to run around free.

He’s even realised that if he pushed on his bladder without a pull up on it makes him pee. Joys of having a little boy after three girls. Training my girls to use the potty was relatively easy compared to little Reign.

I know he’s still quite young to start potty training but he seemed so interested in using it and did so many number ones and twos on it. At the moment he’s going on the potty a couple of times a week for now which is better than none. I’ll continue to document our adventures of potty training this little boy till next time..


If you have any hints or tips on potty training a little boy let me know in the comments below or drop me an email..

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